7 Types of Sponsorship Opportunities at Live Corporate Events

As your premier Audio Visual Company in the United States, B&W Productions knows how to make events succesful. A major component of these events is the sponsorship aspect. Live corporate events provide a great opportunity for businesses to showcase their brand to a captive audience. Events such as conferences and trade shows offer various sponsorship opportunities, which can help businesses increase their brand awareness and generate leads. In this blog post, we will discuss the 7 most common types of sponsorship opportunities available at live corporate events.

1. Keynote Speaker Sponsorship:
One of the most prominent sponsorship opportunities at live corporate events is the keynote speaker sponsorship. Companies can sponsor the keynote speaker, in exchange for branding opportunities such as logo placements on event marketing materials, introduction of the speaker, and other promotional activities.

2. Networking Sponsorship:
Networking is an essential part of live corporate events. Companies can take advantage of this by sponsoring a networking session, which provides an excellent opportunity to meet attendees while showcasing their brand. A networking sponsorship can also provide opportunities for branding, such as branded lanyards or signage.

3. Conference App Sponsorship:
In today’s digital age, conference apps have become an essential component of live events. Sponsoring the conference app provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to showcase their brand on attendees’ mobile devices. Companies can feature their logo on the app’s homepage, CTAs, and even offer discounts or incentives to attendees.

4. Wi-Fi Sponsorship:
Sponsoring Wi-Fi services is another way to showcase your brand at live corporate events. Attendees are often in need of Wi-Fi connectivity to stay connected, work or check their emails. Companies can sponsor the Wi-Fi, which will be branded with their name and logo. Attendees will be able to easily connect to the internet while being exposed to the sponsor’s brand.

5. Swag Bag Sponsorship:
Swag bags are a favorite among attendees, providing them with a collection of promotional items and giveaways. Sponsoring the swag bags provides businesses with an opportunity to feature their promotional items and showcase their brand. Attendees will constantly be reminded of the company’s brand long after the event is over.

6. Charging Station Sponsorship:
Another popular sponsorship opportunity at live corporate events is the charging station sponsorship. Smartphones and other mobile devices often run out of power before the event is over. Sponsors can provide charging stations, featuring their branding. Attendees staying longer to charge their devices are then exposed further to the sponsor’s brand.

7. Refreshment Sponsorship:
Refreshing sponsorships can take various forms, including sponsoring coffee stands, water, or a meal break. By sponsoring refreshments, companies earn goodwill from attendees, and brand the catering areas so that visitors are exposed to the sponsor’s brand throughout the day.

Live corporate events are critical to the success of the businesses, providing unique opportunities to showcase their brand, generate leads and sales. As we discussed in this blog post, sponsoring various elements provides numerous branding and lead generation activities. Knowing the types of sponsorships available, event marketing professionals can well prepare and execute successful live corporate events. We hope this blog post has been informative and will help you take advantage of the various sponsorship opportunities available at live corporate events.