8 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting up Audio Visual for your Event

Organizing a successful event requires careful planning and attention to detail, especially when it comes to audio visual. From convention centers to small meeting rooms, audio visual setup can make or break the atmosphere of your event. Whether you’re hosting a conference or an intimate gathering, here are 13 mistakes to avoid when setting up audio visual for your event. Avoiding these pitfalls will ensure that your guests have an enjoyable experience and that all of their needs are met.

1. Not having a designated audio visual technician: Without an experienced expert onsite, it’s impossible to ensure that your audio-visual system runs smoothly during the event.

2. Not testing the equipment beforehand: Test out all of your audio-visual equipment before the day of your event to check for sound quality and picture clarity.

3. Using incompatible technology: Make sure that any pieces of hardware or software you use are compatible with one another in order to prevent technical glitches and disruptions throughout the event.

4. Having insufficient power outlets: Ensure there is an ample supply of power outlets available so that all components within the setup have enough energy to run properly without interruption from voltage drops or surges at peak times in usage when other appliances also draw from same sources of current such as fridges, ice machines etc which can cause interference and dampen sound levels if not accounted for proactively ahead of time by technicians familiar with local site details prior to setting up systems onsite each time .

5. Overloading circuits: Audio Visual setups often require additional power than what’s provided through standard wall sockets; too many plugged in devices can overload a circuit causing it trip out leading potentially dangerous fire situations if not handled carefully! To avoid this issue, utilize surge protectors equipped with various safety features like auto shut offs & built-in fuses limiters etc.

6. Ignoring lighting needs : Lighting plays an integral role in creating atmosphere at events – make sure there are adequate lighting fixtures both inside and outside (if needed). Additionally, consider bringing some portable lighting options just incase they’re needed somewhere unexpected!

7. Not accounting for temperature changes : Temperature fluctuations throughout large venues or small rooms can affect how well components within audio visual setups work – plan ahead by bringing extra fans or heaters depending on seasonality & adjust accordingly

8. Failing to set up backup plans : Have a backup plan ready in case something goes wrong – do you have spare cables? Extra microphones? A laptop ready if yours fails unexpectedly?

9. Hire B&W Productions: It’s simple, we can make sure your event runs perfectly. With our technical expertise and personalized service, you won’t be let down. Book a consultation today to get started.