Professional Audio Visual Event Production: What does it cost?

Planning an event is never easy, and it gets more complicated when you have to consider the technical aspects like lighting, sound, and video. These elements, when put together, create the atmosphere and environment necessary to make your event unique and memorable. Event planning can often begin with a tight budget, and the added expenses for professional AV event production could leave you wondering what the costs are. In this blog, we will give you an in-depth look into the pricing of professional AV event production.

The Cost of Professional Event Management:
Professional event management services are known to offer customised packages to their clients, tailoring their budgets and needs. The cost of event management could vary from $500 to $12000 per event, and this cost depends on a few factors like the level of engagement required, the size of the event, how comprehensive the management services are, the number of attendees, and the duration of the event.

Audio and Visual Needs:
Audio and Visual support is one of the most crucial components of an event, and costs will depend on various factors such as equipment rentals, setup, crew members, and length of the day. The average cost of the audiovisual support will range from $500 to $8000, and this price is entirely dependent on the requirements and the complexity of the event. The size of the venue could also be a contributing factor to the pricing.

Lighting Equipment:
Lighting is fundamental when it comes to creating a particular atmosphere at an event, and there are various options available. However, LED lighting is one of the most opted-for lighting, and their packages start at as low as $400. The price of lighting could go up to $00, depending on the type of lighting, the scale of event, and the duration.

Live streaming your event allows you to reach a broader audience and attendees from across the world. Live streaming can be an added expense at your event, and the average cost associated with it could range from $2000 to $4000 and goes up depending on the quality of stream, the duration, and the location.

Professional AV event production involves various aspects that contribute to the success of your event. Costs are an essential consideration, and it’s necessary to work with a professional event management service that can help you tailor your budgets, negotiate vendor expenses, and ensure that you get quality services within your budget. Providing engaging audial and visual elements don’t just capture the audience, but also sets the tone for the event. Therefore, it’s necessary to allocate the appropriate budget for these audiovisual services. Planning the perfect event is easy when you have the right team and approach.